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Symphony-dating agency is founded by Margarita Keys, Russian-British citizenship, who has been successfully working individually more than 10 years on the fields of matchmaking co-operating with different international marriage agencies based in Russia. Originally I am from Saint-Petersburg, moved to live in the UK more than three years ago and now I am happily married, so I am under the regulation of both counties. In the past I was a successful chartered accountant in Russia and at present certificated accountant in the UK having many personal contacts among successful businesses and professional women in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow and other cities of Russia.

My agency operates on the bases for each individual woman and men’s needs, so I emphasize learning and understanding the full background of all ladies and meet with them in person. It is not an on-line dating web site which allows an access for members to communicate via website. Our goal is to create long - term relationships resulting in marriage, primarily with British and European men and Russian ladies. We educate all our ladies about the life in the UK, as well as economical situations, prosperity for personal development and updating qualifications. We also explain to our ladies that this is an great opportunity to start a new life with intelligent, serious, family - orientated, loving and caring gentlemen. The aim of my agency is to help people to diverse these horizons to meet true love with a faithful life partner not only in one country. International partnership and marriage is becoming more popular at current. We wish you good luck in finding the love of your life.

Sincerely yours,

Margarita Keys

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