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Why use an introduction agency rather than online dating?

Nowadays, our lives are very different, but when it comes to finding a relationship that lasts we still need the same things - a 'village' of possible partners with similar interests and values and a 'courtship' to get to know each other slowly and safely. As our lives have changed, we've moved away from the close-knit society we once had and so it's no longer easy to bump into people at the village well or in the post office. Modern technology in dating industry helps people to widen the horizons of finding partner not particular in one country.

Personally, I have nothing against dating in the Internet and appreciate some respectable on line web site that have certain high level of requirements for membership.

Unfortunately, Russian ladies are restricted from signing membership of dating web sites in Eastern Europe due to Russian computer IP addresses conflicting and not allowing them to register.

I suppose that on line international dating can help to maximize your chances of finding someone special but it can take a long time and there is no guarantee that you will not come across fraud. In my practice I have seen different types of fraud. Firstly, some Russian and Ukrainian dating web sites that were purely designed to earn money and there was no intention to create love affairs. In practice, they would download pictures of very attractive young girls to post on their site. It may sound ridiculous, but sometimes they posted pictures of famous Russian models, actors or singers and employed staff who correspond with and compose romantic messages for men. Some of them will charge money for every letter or email sent, eventually request the men to help the women financially and then disappear with their money. As a result of these fraudulent web sites this has spoiled reputation of Russian girls amongst European men.

Compared with using a traditional on line dating service we can offer many advantages:

  • All ladies on our gallery have been personally interviewed by our agency.
  • Our company is registered in the UK and there for we have to comply with British laws and regulations.
  • You choose a package of service according to your personal needs and preference.
  • Save precious time to avoid spending hours of searching and correspondence by using our agency.
  • Our professional approach to match making has been improved dramatically due to consultancy keeping a balance between Russian and British mentality.
  • We offer services ranging from introductions only to complete arrangement of all meetings and travel requirements.

Why can't ladies find men in Russia?

Why do the beautiful and intelligent women want to meet British men or Eastern – European men? One very good reason is that there is a shortage of men in Russia! Please don’t just take our word for it. Look at the figures! Go to

You will see that in the age group the ratio is 0.92 men to women (compared to 1.03 in the United Kingdom). In Saint- Petersburg the situation is more extreme: women outnumber men by 22%. Woman in Saint-Petersburg have to compete!

It explains why Russian women are looking for men in other countries. They want to start new life in a civilized country where they can realize their dream to partner a decent man as a loving and caring woman and retain their potential to combine this with professional development, if desired.

Why should you know the history phenomena of our modern Russian ladies?

The beginning of the 1990 saw the introduction of Perestroika (a time of change). The former Soviet Union (USSR) was broken up and the whole economy was rocked to its very foundation. Public ownership moved to private and older prestigious and highly paid professions ceased to be as such. In that time a huge number of men lost their breadwinner status.

Vast numbers of men unfortunately became long term unemployed, often they were too proud to accept lower status work than previously enjoyed, when it was available, and found it difficult to adapt to the brutal new economical realities. A large number of men turned to alcohol and this remains a problem to this day.

Although many women also found themselves unemployed, often their sense of responsibility to the family motivated them to take more positive action. They looked for new ways in which to feed their children and families, in many cases taking full responsibility as breadwinner. Although these times where incredibly tough for everyone, women generally were able to take the initiative and adapt to the new economy without the utter despair of many men who were not the benefactors of the new economic order.

Hence, over the last 20 years, the image of a simple Russian woman in traditional headscarf, a housewife being concerned only with how to cook and who waits for their husband to come home from work has gone forever.

Nowadays, many women lead enterprises, there are women mayors, a lot of women are in authority and in key positions, many being owners of small businesses. On the other hand, Russian women are feminine, kind hearted, intellectual and intelligent. They respect men as the head of the family and will willingly create a comfortable homely environment for him.

The modern Russian woman is therefore a unique phenomenon. Similar to many western women they can balance their domestic and family commitments with work, often of high status and responsibility. They take care of their appearance and follow modern trends of fashion. Many look much younger than their years. According to many international magazines they are much more attractive than their contemporaries in Europe and America.

Modern Russian women have something intangible; we call it “style of life”.

Style of life, is doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. The distinguishing characteristics of Russian women are a combination of real values, style, refinement and intellect, it is the ability to cope industriously in periods of overcoming life difficulties and rejoice in periods of happiness and joy.

Below is an opinion of foreign men about Russian girls.

Jonas, 34, journalist, Stockholm: The Russian girls are very interesting and educated intellectuals willing to support just any subject, much more interesting than saying other Eastern-European girls as Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, and Ukrainian women who have narrow horizons.

Martinez, 38, manager, Geneva: Russian ladies are intelligent and beautiful, know how to highlight your strengths and hide weaknesses. Russian women are strong in spirit, many are willing to go for love and family, willing to forgive a lot, vulnerable and sensitive. They are real women standard of femininity.

Justin, 31, an architect, Toulouse: Russian women are very feminine and luxurious. These women want to be on hand, dressed in furs, and do them any wish. In contrast to the French women they are more liberated in a relationship often find themselves taking the first steps, touchy, every day spending with them as a holiday, they can be inspiration for man.

Do I need to visit Saint-Petersburg?

Dear men, this information will help you to understand the environment our ladies are surrounded in day by day which creates a harmonic personality; everything is on the balance as her appearance, her positive attitude to this world and men, peace in her soul and ambitions to have a decent life with her partner. Also, it will be useful for you to visit our ladies in Saint- Petersburg, to understand more Russian female characters, probable compatibility for living together, routine life , habits and enjoy all sightseeing and modern amenities .

Saint-Petersburg is called Cultural capital of Russia and it fairly deserves this name.

Although, Saint-Petersburg was actually the capital of the Russian Empire from 1712 to 1918 years.

St. Petersburg is the second largest city after Moscow. Here are representatives of international organizations, consulates and embassies of foreign states (as well General consulate the UK and Northern Ireland in St. Petersburg: address PL Proletarskoy Diktatury 5, international phone +7(812)320-32-00, email:, territorial bodies of federal departments and agencies.

This city accumulated the great cultural heritage created through the more than 300 years.

There are 70 theaters in St. Petersburg and creative teams (the most famous among them is Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theatre, Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre, Philharmonic Hall). More than 20 are held annually in international arts festivals. About 80 musical and theater festivals and competitions take part and hundreds of shows and premieres are also held.

Saint-Petersburg has more than 300 museums. Each year, there are night events held.

Institutes and universities of St. Petersburg are of particular interest to students in all parts of the country. There are more than 100 universities in St.Petersburg. The quality of educational programs is very high and meets all international standards. Thus, the most famous university is St. Petersburg State University, there are more than 30 thousand students studying at 24 faculties, nearly 6,000 lectures and 1,500 have PhDs, nearly 3000 of them have masters of science degrees, more than 40 academics.

In November 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a law that confirmed special status Saint-Petersburg University as a "unique scientific and educational complexes, as the oldest universities in the country, which plays a great importance for the development of Russian society." Great numbers of our girls have degrees from this university.

Through the centuries Saint-Petersburg remains the leader of educational institutions for girls. One of the oldest and prestige schools for female education in Russia was founded in Saint-Petersburg.

Catherine II (the Great) established the Smolny Institute for Girls, officially the Society for the Upbringing of Noble Girls, in 1764. Its popular name comes from its site in the Smolny Monastery on the left bank of the Neva River in St. Petersburg. Inspired by Saint-Cyr, a boarding school for girls in France, Smolny was part of Catherine's educational plan to raise cultured, industrious, and loyal subjects.

Ivan Betskoy, the head of this reform, was inspired by the progressive theories of French philosophers as John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Betskoy's pedagogical plan for Smolny emphasized moral education and the importance of environment. Girls lived at Smolny continuously from ages five to eighteen without any home visits. All male schools such as the Corps of Cadets and the Academy of Arts, Smolny stressed training in the fine arts, especially dance and drama. The curriculum also included reading, writing, foreign languages, physics, chemistry, geography, mathematics, history, Orthodoxy, needlework, home economics, this all emphasizes on the girls future role as wife and mother.

Catherine held public exams and performances of plays at Smolny and took her favorite pupils on promenades in the Summer Gardens. Portraits of these favorites were commissioned from the painter Dmitry Levitsky. Its graduates were known for their manners and talents and were considered highly desirable brides. Some became teachers at the school, and a few were promoted to ladies-in-waiting at court.

Throughout the nineteenth century, Smolny maintained its reputation as the most elite educational institution for girls. Its name was regarded as synonymous with high cultural standards, manners, and poise. In these terms the city carefully keeps all traditions nowadays. However, we can say that living in this atmosphere of culture and arts people are gradually changing mentally , it specially effects women by becoming more intelligent and feminine. Pererzhurzhenka is a complex image of ladies who live here presently or studied and just loves this city and comes here regularly.

Here, you can find useful links telling more about popular landmarks.

What can our Russian ladies offer in good relationship?

On the basis of my personal reviews made amongst the majority of Russian ladies who are looking for a partner, I want to tell you about the common commitment and how a woman can manage her role in family life.

Many of our girls have passed through special training courses, designed famous Russian experts in the interpersonal relationships which help women to update their knowledge, abolish old wrong stereotypes, and avoid mistakes coming from the past.

Dear men this is the most common dreams, wishes and commitments that Russian ladies can give you.

  • She is interested in his present life style, build new common plans in the future , discuss some daily topical issues, politics , economics rather than his past life and ex-partners . Ladies say that they would like to be with strong men having positive attitude in life.
  • She wants to create an ecstatic atmosphere in the house that the man will willing coming home after work. They say that the house should be a “calm harbour” for him.
  • She wants to love and care for her man as it is a natural instinct for woman, ladies know that according statistics the average lasting woman’s life is longer than single men , although married men live longer. Stating this in simple words she will all ways make sure of his annual health checks, make an appointment to dentist, select a complex of vitamins to boost his immunities, cook healthy food for both of them.
  • She wants to have a successful upbringing and care for her children.
  • She will always support her husband to further his career to achieve the best of his abilities.

For generations Russian women learned how to treat a man from a Russian philosopher. Russian women have now revealed their wisdom that men will never leave them.

ACT LIKE A WOMAN – The majority of men are manly and tough, they don’t want a woman to act stronger or tougher than them. Stop acting like the person in control. You can BE the person in control without acting tough and cold. Be soft and sexy and in control.

TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR SEX LIFE – Men think about sex a lot and want sex a lot – so give it to them, because you want it, too! But you don’t have to wait for them to take the lead – you should be the one to initiate sex and take the lead in bed. He will love you for it – and he’ll never want to leave you!

BE A HOMEBODY – Learn how to sew clothes, clean and make delicious meals (from scratch) for your man. Take care of him and he will take care of you – in more ways than one.

ONE GLASS OF VODKA A NIGHT - Have one glass of vodka with your man every night. It will soothe both of you and put you in the mood. Russians have long known the power of vodka and there’s no better aphrodisiac.

NEVER CONTRADICT HIM - When you are in public, never say anything that contradicts your man. Men hate to have their woman disagree with them in front of others. Keep your opinion to yourself in public, but when you get home – you can tell him what you really think and feel.

SHOW HIM RESPECT! - We Russian women are very proud of our men and respect them. He is your man and he deserves respect – give it to him. If you do this one simple thing – he will never leave you.

HOLD YOU’RE GAZE – When you are speaking to your man or listening to him, make sure that you keep eye contact. This will assure him of your attention and your respect, which is empowering to any man.

RESPECT HIS FRIENDS AND HIS HOBBIES – Don’t restrict his freedom let him indulge with his male colleges and enjoy his favorite sport.

STOP WHINING! - Western women are always whining, moaning, complaining. Stop it! Toughen up. If you have a problem, solve it on your own (or with your girlfriends), don’t keep whining and complaining to your man. He’s tired of listening to your complaints – he really is.

ALWAYS DRESS SEXY – Men are visually oriented and your man wants you to look hot all the time, so do that for him. Even if you have to wear high heels around the house just to make him happy – do it. Be sexy for him – all the time. And always stay in great shape!

BE STRONG, INSIDE AND OUT – Don’t stop studying always keep developing your mental ability. Men hate weak women. You should be physically and emotionally strong. Lift weights for your muscles and develop a strong cool emotional attitude. Men will love you for it.

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