russian-wife-Tatiana (ID: 4)

Hello, I am Tatiana, 39 years of Age I do not smoke. I am 170cm (5 '7''), 59kg (130lbs), having green eyes. I have no kids. Socially I drink (Mostly red Wine). I speak English (Fluent), French (Average) and Russian (Native). I have A higher Education and linguistics at A College degree at Finances.

I WAS Born in St Petersburg, Russia ... my mentality is Far from Being Though Russian. Perhaps, it is so Due to my frequent trips around the World (Reasons for work and just as A tourist).

I am A very cheerful and Easy-going person. I love traveling (Besides traveling to many corners of the Globe, I lived in Belgium and Portugal for quite A while). As I am quite cosmopolitan A person I do Respect every Creature / human being for I do realize everyone has own experience and customs and mentality.

I live by myself in my own apartment in St Petersburg and have a summer house with a garden 60 km from the city. I work at the Financial field as A Financial Manager. I am an artist as well. That is why I am A thinker and a feeler depending on the moment but those two parts do not seem contradicting in me.

I am Neither A nor A Leader Follower ... Most times I SEEM A wise woman and can be different depending on A Situation and can always ... Give up my leading to the person Position That Makes reasonable and decent Decisions. I never Fight ... I prefer to discuss problems and share my ways to easily work out issues ... i like to be diplomatic and empathetic as nothing gives me more joy than to see people happy.

I am A very tender, loving and Extremely Feminine woman. I love to care for and About. coziness I like but I am not A Luxury Addict. Some of the things to me Luxurious When I feel is Tuned to A person and watch the World through the Same color and shape as he does Lence. I am balanced in All Possible Aspects. I am very positive and good results at AIM whatever it May Concern. I like to but I do not Risk Take Risks careless.

I love talking over the phone for Hours. I love drawing Pictures (one of my Hobbies) I love sunsets. I love people with A Great sense of humor. I love Japanese food. I love nature. I love having A Long shower. I love pets. I love foreign languages. I love Rivers. I love my slight accent When speaking French and English. I love Gardening. Singing I love. I love Cloudless sky. Smiling I love. I love A-Ha. I love Romance. I love Being massaged. Cooking I love exotic stuff. I love Listening to Clever people. I love reading. I love to be needed. I love wearing High heeled Shoes. I love Deep green color. I love When it's +35 Celsius above Zero outside. I love Life. I simply LOVE. My dream is to have A house somewhere in A Picturesque Place Friendly quiet (I have enough of my own property in St Petersburg to sell first) with A garden and pets and dream to have my Partner by my side who would share gardening with me, enjoy the nature with me, cycling with me, traveling with me and anything / everything else we can face on our way ...

I believe that the right things / people come at the right place, at the right time and I am ready for this special moment ...

I look for a RELYABLE man, the one that is oriented on a partner, with a good sense of humor, the one who would also love to travel, an intelligent one, a friendly, kind, open-minded, unprejudiced, open-hearted cheerful and loving person .... A Faithful companion. Socially Conscientious, compassionate, attractive to me and very tender. WHO A man is straight forward and always Means What he says. Not overweight and not A Gym Junkie. I do not have any really rigid Image in my Mind of What this man Would be - Men are different from one another and many different "types" can Embody the Qualities I have LISTed. It's really Easier to Say with Firmness What kind of man I Would not like: no liars, no drunks, no Self-centered, no Arrogant, no Aggressive Men. And Yes, love comes or Normally it does not. So we sure Would Understand it at the first / Second / Third sight. But I do not search for an ideal man, I know such man does not exist ... except for that in our teenage imagination.

Visit: 19 February

Date of birth 19 / december / 1974
Age 44
Height 170 cm
Weight 60 kg
Colour of eyes green
Colour of hair chestnut
Marital status single
Children no
More info
Education university
Speciality banker-worker
Occupation finansial consultant
City St.Petersburg
Language english, french
More info eng(5), fr(3/4)
Smoking no
Driving licence no
Character joyous, loving, dreamer, earsy-going, optimist, romantic, with sense of humor, patient, balanced, goal-seeking, emotional
Hobby swimming pool, Cooking, Paintings, Language Classes, Culture, Gardening, Comfort Home, piano, Photo, Sewing, exhibition

Partner desired
Age 35 — 55
Height, from 170
Smoking not important
More info Cheerful, Cultural, Favorite, easy - going, Educated, Confident, Sensitive, generouse